Never suffer the heartache of leaving your beloved coffee machine at home again thanks to Handpresso.

The rise of the smart coffee machine has given caffeine fiends everywhere the luxury of whipping up a hot cup o’ joe in the comfort of our own homes barista-style. The only tiny problem with that? None of us want to leave the house ever again.

Thanks to the genius of a portable Handpresso machine, however, we aren’t about to become a nation of reclusive caffeine addicts. With a Handpresso in tow, you can now plunge, pump, and brew up a dreamy blend of java to quench those cravings while you’re out and about in the big wide world.

Depending on what kind of adventure you’re about to undertake, there are a few Handpresso machines to consider for both long and short coffees. If you’re partial to an espresso hit away from home, Handpresso Pump is the most obvious option. All you have to do is pop in an E.S.E Pod, pump away until the 16-bar pressure gauge hits the green area, and add boiling hot water from a kettle or thermo flask. To dispense the espresso, just press a button and pour.

If you’re after a caffeine dose on the road, a Handcoffee Auto or the Handpresso Auto should do the trick. Designed to take both E.S.E Pods and ground coffee, the Auto and doesn’t require any pumping thanks to the fact it plugs into any vehicle’s 12v cigarette lighter for power. It can brew your drink in just 2 minutes, which should make for a welcome quick-fix when you’re in the throes of rush hour traffic.

To make its nifty little machines as versatile as possible, Handpresso has crafted a range of accessories. Its Ocean Pack for water lovers, for instance, includes the Handpresso Pump and a 7-litre Guy Cotten dry bag to protect your coffee machine from salty sea spray. Meanwhile, a Tamper fitting for the Handpresso Pump gives you the best extraction from your ground coffee.

You can browse Handpresso’s entire range of machines and accessories here. Prices for Handpresso’s portable coffee makers start at €99 (around £80). There’s also an online coffee shop where you can browse and buy pods and beans.