Hoover has launched a range of smart kitchen appliances that connect to your Wi-Fi so you can control them remotely from an app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The Wizard smart kitchen range includes an oven, hob, freezer, and a selection of washing machines and dishwashers that you can monitor and control from wherever you are.


Now you can wash the dishes while you’re walking the dog, preheat the oven while you’re buying your dinner at the supermarket, and wash your clothes on the train to work – all by telling your appliances what to do via the app.


Your appliances can even communicate with you too. If you leave the fridge door open or forget to add a dishwasher tablet, the app sends you an alert.


It’ll also tell you when your hob has reached your desired temperature, and give you a useful heads up when you need to clean or service any of your smart appliances.


Even the oven hood’s got your back – constantly monitoring the atmosphere in the room and automatically activating when it knows it’s needed.


Go on… We know you’re dying to get out your phone at work announce to your colleagues that you’re going to wash the dishes. See the full Wizard range at Hooverwizard.com.