This latest French door fridge from the GE Café series will brew your morning coffee before your craving kicks in with its built-in Keurig K-cup brewing system.

Simply remove the in-door brewing dispenser, pop in your K-cup, and slide the dispenser back in to let the fridge brew the good stuff. Including heating up time, it’ll take around four minutes to make your coffee, and another 30 seconds in the likely event that you’re back sharpish for a second cup.

GE Cafe Keurig Coffee Brewing Fridge

As with pretty much all the great connected appliances that make our lives a little easier these days, you can also control the fridge from your smartphone. Set the water to heat up from your bed, take one last snooze, and wake up with the blissful knowledge that your morning cup of coffee is mere seconds away.

The fridge also dispenses the usual chilled water, ice, and hot water, so your options aren’t limited if you’re not a coffee fiend like the rest of us.

The GE Café French door Fridge with Keurig K-cup brewing system will be available Winter 2015 from at $3300, around £2157.