Anyone who enters a kitchen where there’s a Stirio at work would be forgiven for thinking they’d walked into a Mary Poppins film. But the difference is that you don’t need to sing to a Stirio to make the magic happen.

This hands-free Stirio kitchen robot stirrer simply runs on a silent rechargeable motor, and clamps onto your pot to stir your food. It runs for at least an hour, freeing you up to set the table, chop some veg, or even put your feet up with a glass of wine.

Stirio fits pots from 15 to 25 cm wide, and 7.5 to 18cm tall, and has a glass-filled nylon blade that tolerates temperatures up to 260 degrees, and is gentle on non-stick surfaces. Imagine that paired with a smart Orange chef, it’d be like Christmas, but without the kitchen heartache!

To clean it, just take it apart and pop in the washing machine.

It can whip up a frenzy with two different speed settings, tackling the lightest chicken broth to the thickest porridge.

Buy the new and improved Stirio V2 from Amazon for £44.98. Its award winning predecessor can also be bought for £14.99.


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