This nifty nipper wants to save you the hassle of ever having to clean windows and glass surfaces again.

Keeping every single shiny surface in your home squeaky clean 24/7 requires time, patience, and elbow-grease. Not to mention that lifetime supply of Squeegees. But thanks to Winbot W830, it’s a burden you no longer have to bear.

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Winbot W830 is a window-cleaning robot from Ecovacs Robotics that glides systematically across glass windows, mirrors, doors, and more to buff them until they’re crystal clear.

Once you’ve sprayed your cleaning product onto a surface, Winbot W830 will get to work, with an onboard computer and multiple smart sensors to calculate its own custom cleaning path across your murky surfaces. Its dual suction rings keep it snugly sealed to the glass at all times, while its intelligent obstacle sensing tech ensures it stays inside the window frame, preventing it from bumping into anything outside of the area that needs cleaning.

Winbot W830 will even tackle Thermopane, frosted, and textured glass, and can handle any surface thickness, so it’s perfect for everything from your double-glazed front window to the shower door and bathroom mirror.

The little cleaning bot sucks its power from a wall outlet via a cable, but it also has an onboard backup battery in case of a wall outlet power fail. It has real-time audio and visual warning signals, so you’ll always know its working status.

You can buy Winbot W830 from Amazon for $315 (£223). The slightly bad news for UK buyers is that shipping to the UK will bump that up by $100 (£70).