We Brits love talking about the weather, partly because so much of it happens to us. However, the main thing about British weather is that it’s inherently unreliable, and if you’re a keen gardener or even a casual green-finger dabbler, you’ll know that consistent watering is vital for keeping plants mainly alive and happy.


Enter Hozelock’s new smart watering range. Coming from a company usually associated with hosepipes and taps is good heritage where smart watering is concerned, and these easy-use devices look the part. The Hozelock Cloud Controller is a combo of smart tap attachment, router device and an app, which enables you to water at will.

It’ll accept programming for different durations and times of day, and even suggest new watering patterns based on local weather data. Unlike existing systems, the app removes the need for complicated and fiddly timer programming, according to Hozelock. It also uses your existing sprinkler and tap, so no expensive plumbing or complicated setup there either.

The Cloud controller costs SRP £114.99, and will be available in January 2016.