Cheat your way to becoming a world-class cocktail mixologist with a helping hand from smart tech.

If you’ve got a healthy appetite for Sex on the Beach but you’re used to having it served up with a glacé cherry on top by a nimble-wristed waiter in a swanky bar, Somabar is your dream kitchen gadget.

With six pods for loading up with your favourite spirits and bitters, Somabar is a WiFi-connected robotic bartender that lets you stir up the perfect boozy storm in no time from an app on your phone.

The app is filled with recipes for over 300 craft cocktails, so there’s bound to be a concoction that tickles your fancy. When you want to make a drink, just select your tipple of choice from the app, and Somabar will mix it for you and deliver it to your glass in seconds.

SomabarIf you feel like going off-piste, you can customise your own cocktails by telling the app precisely what measurements to pour, and save your favourite recipes to use again and again.

Somabar will also suggest cocktails based on the ingredients that you already have, and let you know what ingredients you need for the drinks on your likely very long wish list.

And because washing up is the last thing on earth you want to think about when you’re in cocktail heaven, Somabar even cleans itself out after ever drink to ensure each creation is pure. Those pods are removable and dishwasher safe if you do want to give the whole machine a thorough rinse.

The one downside to cocktail heaven, however, is that its tickets come with a hefty price tag. Somabar is up for pre-order for $429 (around £279) after smashing its funding goal over on Kickstarter last year. Send us a postcard, won’t you?