That popular milk freshness test of sniffing your bottle could be a thing of the past with this smart milk cap that tells you if you milk is off.

The smart cap, created by researchers in Taiwan, uses wireless sensors in the lid to apparently detect the presence of those nasty bacteria in your milk that indicate it’s spoiled before it’s even passed your lips, preventing you from being left with a sour taste in your mouth.

smat cap diagram

This means you could potentially take the smart cap into the shop with you to make sure your milk is fresh before you even buy it.

It’s still unclear exactly how the cap will let you know the state of your milk, whether on the cap itself, via a smartphone app or maybe even on the built-in screen on your fridge door but the possibilities here are pretty exciting.

Could it even tell us how many days our milk will stay fresh? Or how many days it’s been on the shelf?

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that we’ve all at some point fallen fate to an unpleasant mouthful of cereals in the morning when it turns out the milk has gone off, or that moment when you pour in the hot water and your tea turns to cheese. This might just save us from both of those unpleasant fates.