Give everyone in the house a quiet night's sleep with this genius no-spills sippy cup that doubles as a soothing nightlight.

Small children and mishaps go together like peas and carrots. It’s a given. But there are some tiny parenting hazards we wish we could avoid, and spillages in the night is one of them.

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You can breathe a sigh of relief though, because help is finally here in the form of Litecup, a spill-proof sippy cup with an integrated nightlight designed to give little ones – and you – a relaxing, uneventful night’s sleep.

With a non-spill valve, Litecup can be flipped on its side, upsidedown, or flung on the bed, and its contents will stay right where they’re supposed to be. That is, not on your carpet, bedsheets, or anyone’s pyjamas. Perfect for drowsy little people who like to reach over for a drink of milk in the middle of the night.

Although practically watertight, Litecup’s 360˚ rim is designed to be easy for little mouths to sip from any angle. Its makers say that one small suck is all it takes to get a natural drinking flow from the cup, so it’s just as intuitive as taking a sip from an ordinary cup. Because there’s no spout or a straw, it’s kind on milk teeth too, reducing the potential for comfort-sucking.

The real crowning glory, however, is Litecup’s integrated LED nightlight. It’s light-sensitive, so it doesn’t need switching on or off. Just place the cup on a nightstand, and it’ll begin to gently glow as soon as the lights dim, and switch itself off in the morning to save battery. Now that is the kind of nightlight we like!

Litecup has a long-lasting coin cell battery that’s easy to replace, so it doesn’t need plugging in or any fussy maintenance. It’s just £8 from
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