Take the brainwork out of cooking pre-packaged meals with the Tovala combination oven that does all the work for you.

All you need to do is scan the barcode on the meal packaging, pop it in and press start. The smart oven will then automatically calculate the length of time required and which cooking function your meal needs between baking, broiling, steaming and convection heating.

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It can also automatically switch between each function if, for example, a chicken meal needs steaming for moisture and then baking for crispy skin. This seamless switch between methods is pre-programmed so you can get the flavours and textures you want without even getting off the sofa.

The Tovala has the appearance and size of a microwave but it does not use any microwave technology and acts more like a smaller combination oven. This size and versatility aims to make cooking hassle-free without cluttering up your kitchen counter.

And the accompanying app also helps keep things simple by letting you chose to control the heating method, time and temperature straight from your phone while programming multiple cooking stages.

The Chicago start-up company Tovala is also working with top chefs to develop a range of fresh meals designed to be prepared in the smart ovens.  And it’s a step up from the average pre-packed meals with fancy options like miso-glazed sea bass and coriander crusted salmon so that even the most amateur chefs will appear professional. The idea is to create fresh and healthy meals with little preparation or clean up but if you’re feeling creative you can also use it to cook your own meals and culinary creations.

The Kickstarter project raised a whopping $90,957 of its $100,000 fundraising goal in just one day but there will still be a wait before they become available in the UK. The estimated retail price is $329 (£230) but early bird offers and discounts are available on their Kickstarter page.