A portable water purification system that actively makes sure you're never left thirsty.

Usually when we rave about a smart home drinks machine, it’s because it means artisan coffee on tap, or if we’re really lucky, beer. So it makes a nice change that we’re about to introduce WaterO, a water purification system that puts smart hydration at your fingertips.

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WaterO sits on a countertop in any room of the house to filter your H2O using reverse osmosis. All you have to do to enjoy a refreshing drink is pour in some water, tell WaterO how much you want to drink via the LED touchscreen, and it’ll set to work using its 4 filter system, stopping only when it’s filtered enough for your needs.

In WaterO’s smartphone app, you can see all kinds of interesting data about your fresh new drink, like its purity level and reports of any contamination levels. Hopefully the latter won’t be too scary, as WaterO filters and re-filters every single drop of water you pour into it. In fact, it claims it can produce almost triple the ratio of other reverse osmosis systems. creating two parts pure water for every three parts poured in.

With WaterO, there’s not much chance of ever getting thirsty again, and that’s not just because it leave you with a refreshingly pure drink. The app will send you handy hydration alerts throughout the day to make sure you’re gulping enough water, which is rather thoughtful for a water filter, we reckon.

The best bit? Because WaterO doesn’t need to be linked up to the plumming, it’s not restricted to your kitchen countertop. Just pop it wherever in the house you’re most likely to stop for a drink.

You can pre-order WaterO for $199 (£139) from Indiegogo, where it’s currently zooming towards its funding goal.