Crank up your iPhone's audio skills and battery life with this Arcam MusicBOOST iPhone sleeve.

No matter how much you love it, your iPhone 6 probably wouldn’t be the first device you’d turn to for high-quality music output. But that’s about to change thanks to this audio-pumping Arcam MusicBOOST iPhone 6 sleeve.

With a built-in headphone amp, DAV (digital to analog converter), and battery pack, MusicBOOST is designed to give your iPhone a much-needed kick up the bum in the areas it’s lacking in the most.

Arcam MusicBoost iPhone 6 caseSlip your iPhone into sleeve and plug in your headphones, for instance, and MusicBOOST will give your playlist some serious welly, delivering clearer, richer sound quality whether you’re streaming from Spotify or just playing tunes stored on your phone.

To be all techie and precise, the sleeve can play FLAC and WAV files using third-party software such as Flac Player+ and VOX.

Arcam Musicboost sleeve iPhone 6While it’s playing DJ, MusicBOOST will also charge your phone with up to 120% extra battery life for a nice long jam session. There’s an aptly-named Boost button to command the sleeve to sync with your music or juice-up, and there’s also a power indicator on the sleeve to let you know your phone’s charging status.

The sleeve itself has a soft-touch surface to keep your iPhone safe and sound when it’s tucked inside, and comes with its own micro USB charging cable.

You can grab one of these little nippers for just £79 from Amazon at the time of writing.