Go to work with an extra spring in your step with this mood and health-boosting lamp that tailors its lighting level to your schedule.


Updated: Ario is now available for pre-ordering from its site, for $299.

Feeling the effect of those dark Autumn afternoons closing in? Switch on Ario and let it light up your life according to your body’s needs.

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Ario connects to your Wi-Fi via an app on your phone, letting you can customise its lighting schedule to suit your lifestyle. In the app, you can choose what colour Ario’s LEDs glow, what time of the day they spring to life, and even adjust which direction they’re facing.

Or for a more hands-free lighting experience, you can sit back and let Ario learn your lighting habits over time. Eventually, it’ll know exactly when to wake you up naturally with sunrise-like lighting, energise you with rich blue light, and send you drifting off with sunset amber hues.

It’s not just about making your home look and feel super-cosy though. Ario’s lighting levels are carefully designed to stimulate hormonal responses within our body that make us feel happy and promote good health. That blue daytime light, for example, encourages energy-giving cortisol production, and the ambient sunset light stimulates melatonin needed for a sound night’s sleep.

It sounds like simple, easy stuff we don’t need a lamp for. Get a good night’s sleep, feel energised. Feel energised, be more happy. But that’s not always easy to pull off when cold, dark winter mornings are tangibly close, and the sun’s disappeared behind a thick blanket of cloud for the remainder of the year.

There are some appealing benefits to getting your fill of happy-making rays too. Ario makers claim that it can help manage your weight, reduce stress, boost your immune system, and increase your metabolism. Ario can even help you recover from jet lag.

If your regular bedside lamp can do that, we’ll be impressed.

You can pre-order an Ario smart lamp for an early bird price of £219 (£143).


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