A hidden device to tackle things that go drip in the night.

Insurance company Aviva has announced that it will offer its UK customers a smart LeakBot leak detecting device to keep pipe leaks and water-related home disasters at bay.

The newly-launched LeakBot by HomeServe Labs is a small clip-on device that sits on your pipes near the stopcock. It uses Thermi-Q technology to detect major problems before they rear their ugly heads, like leaking pipes, taps that are left running, and even something as innocuous as a dripping tap.

If LeakBot detects an oncoming problem, it will notify an app on your phone immediately to give you time to intervene. If you wish, you can contact HomeServe straight from the app to get some assistance with the issue.

The real boon with LeakBot is how early on it can detect a problem. Leaks can often happen over a prolonged period of time out of sight, meaning we aren’t often aware there’s a problem until substantial damage has been done. With LeakBot, the aim is to catch a nasty drip in its early stages and nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.

The LeakBot device is £149 if you buy it straight from HomeServe Labs.