Meet the amazing DIY gadget you never realised you needed.

Whether you’re sizing up your room for a major DIY project, planning an upcycling project or just really, really interested in exactly how big stuff is, you’re probably going to be needing a tape measure. And what tool is best for the job in the connected age of the Internet of Things? Why, it’s the Bagel smart tape measure.

A Kickstarter sensation that has monumentally smashed its funding goal into tiny pieces, the Bagel smart tape measure is a Bluetooth tool that will beam instant measurements of objects and surfaces to an app on your phone.

With three handy modes for measuring anything curved, straight or wonky, Bagel makes it’s ridiculously easy for both beginners and experienced DIY-ers to calculate accurate measurements in seconds. Once you’ve taken a measurement you can even add a voice memo describing what you’ve measured, and the app will convert it to text and tag your measurement for safekeeping.

First up in Bagel’s trio of measuring tricks is String Mode – a practical alternative to your run of the mill tape measure. Its sturdy string will stretch across straight or curved surfaces up to 3 metres long, making it a versatile instrument for everything from calculating a room size to taking stock of your waist size.

Bagel tape measure string modeNext is Bagel’s Wheel Mode, which is perfect if you’re in a compromising position with one hand on the tape measure and the other holding up an entire shelf. When you’ve selected Wheel Mode, just roll Bagel’s curved edge along the floor and it will calculate how far you’ve rolled it.

Bagel tape measure wheel modeFinally, there’s Remote Mode. This nifty feature uses a built-in ultrasonic laser pointer to tell you how far away objects are. Just press a button, point the laser, and Bagel will recognise any distance up to 5 metres away. Perfect if there are obstacles in the way, or you’re simply too lazy to measure something manually. Also, because lasers…

When you’ve done measuring, the Bagel app will save and organise all of your measurements to make it easier for you to check later. If you’re tracking the size of something over time, like your waistline, the app will even convert all of your stats into graphs for at-a-glance tracking.

Bagel tape measure remote modeBagel runs on a lithium polymer battery that will power on for around 8 hours of constant use. It charges just like a smartphone with a micro USB cable.

If Bagel is the tape measure you’ve been dreaming of (we won’t judge you), you can hop in line for an early bird deal right now. The current pre-order price is $61 (£52). Worldwide shipping is set for November 2016.