Didn't you know? If you want perfect toast, you have to give your bread some pampering.

A small appliance company in Toyko called Balmuda has created a toaster that it claims can whip up bakery-fresh toast. It’s secret? Well, at 24,000 yen (around £182), this bread-browning big shot doesn’t merely grill your toast. Instead, it steams it.

Bear with us, because there’s actually method behind the madness. Balmuda founder Gen Terao and his friends accidentally made some superb toast one day during heavy rain showers. After the rain stopped, they had another go at making the same great-tasting toast, but upon failing, realised that the magic ingredient had actually been the rain.

It turns out that steam traps moisture inside the bread while it’s being heated at a low temperature. With this in mind, Terao and his team designed a toaster that uses steam and carefully calibrated heat cycles to emulate that soft and puffy just-baked interior, cranking the heat up right at the end to produce a dreamy outer crust.

It’s not just bread that Balmuda can perfectly toast, though. The toaster has special modes for croissants, fresh bread and cheese on toast too. It’s a veritable patisserie in your kitchen.

Balmuda ToasterUnlike the pop-up toasters we’re accustomed to, Balmuda is designed so you slide your toast into its steamy chamber horizontally – a commonplace toaster configuration over in Japan.


The toaster is that coveted in its home country that there’s actually a three-month waiting list to buy it from the shops. But sadly, there are no firm plans to release it into the US or Europe, although a few have actually made it onto Amazon in the US.

The closest the rest of us are going to get, however, is if we start grilling our breakfast out in the rain. Or failing that, in the bathroom with the shower on. Disclaimer: we highly advise against doing that.