Barclays is rolling out an app update that will enable its customers to wave their phones to make a contactless payment.

When Google announced the imminent UK release of Android Pay, Barclays responded with the news that it wasn’t going to participate – instead focussing on its own dedicated app that enables its customers to pay contactless.

It looks like it’s finally time to see what Barclays has been plotting, because the British bank just announced that the new version of its banking app with support for “Contactless Mobile” will be rolling out in June.

Just like Android or Apply Pay, Barclays’ Contactless Mobile detects whether a customer’s Android phone supports NFC and has an eligible Barclays credit or debit card associated with it. It it ticks all the boxes, customers can pay for anything up to £30 by simply hovering their phone over a payment terminal in a shop.

The handy thing is that customers don’t even need to open the app in order to make a payment. The app’s contactless payment magic will kick in the moment it detects that it’s needed.

The platform will also support payments between £30 and £100, which works just the same way, except you’ll have to enter the card’s pin after you tap your phone against the terminal, then tap again.

Barclays has said that the roll out will be “phased over a number of days”, and customers will be notified as soon as the service becomes available. The one caveat is that the service is only available to customers with the latest Android smartphones – that is, smartphones less than six months old.