It will make you feel like a (well-rested) potions master.

Smart coffee machines that deliver a morning caffeine hit on demand are great, but what if that coffee machine was by your bedside, filling your nostrils with heady aroma of your morning coffee while you slept?  Now that’s what you call coffee heaven.

The machine in question is called Barisieur, and it recently stormed to fame on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Part alarm clock, part coffee machine, part potions kit straight outta Hogwarts, Barisieur wants to ease you into the day with the sound of bubbling water and the sweet, sweet smell of your favourite coffee or loose leaf tea.

It works using an induction hob, which heats up stainless steel ballbearings to produce steam pressure. Just set your alarm time using the machine’s tactile dial, make sure the water and milk vessels are topped up, and rest in the knowledge that Barisieur is standing by to rouse you in the best possible way.

The Barisieur

The lovely thing is that Barisieur is designed to produce the best sensory experience possible, so everything down to the sound of your bubbling coffee is orchestrated to perfection. Barisieur employs the method of induction heating, which involves stainless steel ballbearings that, when heated, produce steam pressure to boil your water.

No whistling, wheezing kettle sound here – just the gentle bubbling sound of coffee alchemy at work.

Barisieur doesn’t just making waking up a dream – it’s also there to help you sleep. According to its maker, London-based entrepreneur Josh Renouf, the simple ritual of setting up Barisieur before you go to sleep will help you establish a routine and signal to your body and mind that it’s time to relax. Plus, that fresh coffee and tea acts as a natural aromatic relaxant during the night to keep you in dreamland.

Barisieur coffee alarm clock

Aside from obvious benefits of having coffee right next to your bed when you wake up, Barisieur is also a pretty beautiful gadget. It looks more like something you’d find in the lab of a mad scientist than your bedroom – which we reckon is a good thing. Plus, it’s hiding a USB port for charging your phone, which is super-handy.

If you want to wake up full of beans – literally – you can pre-order Barisieur now. After its successful stint on Kickstarter, the hipster coffee clock has moved over to Indiegogo to grab more backers. The current lowest price bundle sits at $299 (around £230), and shipping looks set for September 2017.