Think water and tech don't mix? Prepare to be blown away by some of the most awesome splash-safe smart gadgets you can use in your bathroom...

Illumibowl Night Light – For bad aimers

Illumibowl toilet night light£19.99 from Firebox

Peeing in middle of the night isn’t fun. Nobody wants to get out of bed in the first place – let alone turn on the inhumanely bright bathroom light and experience temporary blindness while they attempt to shoot at an unfairly small target.  Not to worry, though – help is here for the poor 50% of the popular who have to suffer the nocturnal horror. This Illumibowl Night Light is a light-sensitive and motion-activated light for your toilet bowl that emits a soothing glow to guide you in the right direction in the dark. Install it in seconds with the built-in suction cups and choose from 9 LED colours to make your bathroom look like a it belongs on the Enterprise.

Hydrao – Turn saving water into a game

Hydrao smart showerhead€79.90 (around £68) from Hydrao

Tracking your water usage isn’t easy when you’re busy singing Whitney with your shampoo bottle-turned microphone. But this connected Hydrao shower head has a novel way of reminding you when shower time’s up. With an array of water sensors, the Hydrao shower head keeps track of every single litre of water you use, and employs an LED light system to indicate if you’re over-douching. Green lights mean you’re in the safe zone, and red mean it’s about time you dropped the mic and rinsed out the last dregs of shampers, because you’ve hit the 50 litre mark. You can track and personalise your water consumption entirely through an app on your phone, with graphs and charts for at-a-glance monitoring of your H2O thrift, and the chance to compete against your family to earn the title of top water saver. A noble feat indeed. What’s more, Hydrao takes its power from the water flow rather than batteries, so you never need to worry about powering it up.

Lithe Audio – Get soapy to some tunes

Lithe Audio Ceiling Speaker£199 from Lithe Audio

Love singing in the shower? Take your bathroom operatics to the next level and get your bathroom kitted out with an IP44 water-resistant Lithe Audio ceiling speaker. A sleek and slimline disc packing crystal clear audio, Lithe Audio’s speaker clings to your ceiling or wall to beam tunes wirelessly from above. Whether you’re streaming from your iPhone, Android device, tablet or a Bluetooth-enabled PC, all it takes is just a single tap to send your playlist heavenwards. Because its amplifier and receivers are built into the speaker itself, there’s no extra wiring or gadgets to plug in and control. Once it’s in place, you’re free to fire up your favourite music streaming app from anywhere within 10 metres of the speaker. Each speaker comes with a magnetic grill cover, which you can easily remove to clean or swap in with a brand new colour.

Withings Body Cardio – Peek inside your arteries

Withings Body Cardio£149.95 from Withings

Sick of stepping on the same old bathroom scales and seeing the same old number? A sleek aluminium scale that connects to your phone over WiFi or Bluetooth, Body Cardio can calculate your weight, BMI, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass in seconds. But that’s not all. This super-thin, all-surface scale brings the matter of your pulse wave velocity into the mix – a way of seeing how your cardiovascular health is doing. By syncing all of your readings to the Withings Health Mate app on your phone, it can log and track your readings over time to help you see the bigger picture of your health progress. What’s more, it will suggest small, totally manageable lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals. There are some fun bonus features too, like daily weather reports direct from the scale’s screen every time you climb on.

Roost water – Keep an eye on your bath water

Roost Smart Water and Freeze DetectorSign up here to get notified when it’s available to buy

The Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector is a slim disc-shaped device that slips under sinks, by pipes, and practically anywhere in the house there’s plumbing to alert you if there’s trouble brewing. Whether it’s a pipe about to freeze, a drip from your toilet cistern or even your bath about to overflow, the detector will send an instant alert to your phone to help you take action before a serious problem rears its ugly head. You can also check yourself that things are ticking along nicely using the Roost app on your phone. Keep tabs on real-time stats and reading from the detector, and even set the temperature and humidity range you want to track. Setting a 35 degree temperature threshold, for instance, will mean you’re notified before your pipes freeze.

Winbot – A bathroom robot to save you elbow grease

Winbot W830£276 from Amazon

Cleaning the shower and other shiny surfaces in your bathroom is a time-consuming bore, but this cleaning robot will do it for you. Once you’ve sprayed your cleaning product onto the surface, Winbot W830 will get to work moving systematically across your dirty surfaces, with an onboard computer and multiple smart sensors to calculate its own custom cleaning path to make sure no dirt is left untouched. Its dual suction rings keep it snugly sealed to the glass at all times, while its intelligent obstacle sensing tech ensures it stays inside the right area.

Flosstime – For lazy flossers

FlosstimeCheck here for news on when you can pre-order it

Flosstime, dare we say it, puts the fun in flossing. Flosstime uses a ring of glowing lights to indicate your recommended flossing time, duration, and where in your mouth to floss. To begin, tap Flosstime once, and it’ll dispense exactly 18 inches of floss. Its circle of light will then light up for 60 seconds to allow you to give your gnashers a thorough going over. While you floss, four blue light quadrants will move clockwise around the ring to indicate which part of your mouth you need to focus on. And when you’re done, Flosstime will light up with a friendly blue smile. Sloppy flossers take note, if you do happen to miss a floss, Flosstime will light up with a sad orange frown.