Quickly rig up your favourite lamp to beam TV shows, films, photos and more to any flat surface in your house.

Sick of staring at blank walls? Grab this smart Beam projector to turn any flat space in your house into an instant mini cinema.

A powerful LED projector disguised as a light fitting, Beam screws into any light socket in your house to project content from your phone via Airplay or Miracast. Screw it into your bedside lamp to watch Netflix on the bedroom wall, pop it on your coffee table and watch a photo slideshow with the family, or hang it from your kitchen ceiling to project the morning news report onto the table.

Beam smart projectorThat’s not all, though. Beam is rigged up with a smart computer that runs on Android, meaning you can program it to do all kinds of nifty smart home tricks. Set it to play a movie when someone arrives home, for instance, or display the weather forecast on the wall the second you wake up.

Beam has 8GB of onboard storage for apps, photos, games and all of your important content. It’s got WiFi, Bluetooth and stereo speakers to enhance the audio quality of whatever device it’s streaming from. It has 20,000 projection hours, which is enough to project for 10 hours a day for 6 years. That’s a lot of bedtime Netflix.

Beam projectorDon’t be put off by those Android chops; it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Its companion app puts you in full control, letting you switch quickly between Beam the projector and Beam the LED lightbulb with just a tap. You can use the app to dim the lightbulb remotely too.

Beam is compatible with IFTTT too (If This Then That), a smart home recipe-making app that lets you create routines and rules between multiple gadgets and apps. Tons of smart gadgets come IFTTT-ready these days, such as Philips Hue and Belkin Wemo, so there’s really no end to the fun you can have using Beam and your other smart devices.

Beam projectorHaven’t got a suitable light fitting to house Beam? Not a problem; it comes with a power cable to let you use it freestyle anywhere you like. If you’re set on using it as a substitute to an existing lightbulb, you’ll need an E26 or E27 light socket.

You can find Beam is on sale here for €499 (around £450).