An automatic update means you can now have your Belkin Wemo switches work in line with your Nest thermostat's heating schedule.

Belkin has finally decided to join the Works with Nest initiative and make its Belkin Wemo smart switches work harmoniously with the Alphabet-owned learning thermostat.

The Wemo Switch and the energy-tracking WeMo Insight switch will both be enjoying the new feature, as well as the company’s WeMo Light Switch and its DIY smart home tool the WeMo Maker Kit. It means that anyone using both a Nest thermostat and one of WeMo’s compatible devices will now be able to have their various switches turn on and off as Nest detects you coming and going.

It will also work the other way round. You can now actually control your Nest thermostat from the WeMo app, activating and cranking up the heating as you wish while toggling your smart plugs and switches. At the moment, WeMo still hasn’t made any mention of its smart LED lightbulbs getting involved, which would be the ultimate dream for Nest thermostat owners who have been won over by Belkin’s affordable devices.

Speaking of prices, if you’re a Nest owner who hasn’t yet tried out Belkin WeMo devices – possibly because of their incompatibility – you can grab the now Nest-friendly devices for little more than £50 each here.