The update will hit the existing Beoplay A6 and A9 speakers, and come ready to roll in future Bang & Olufsen speakers.

Anyone in possession of Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay A6 and A9 speakers can now wirelessly beam their music from music apps on their phone, tablet or laptop right to their speakers via the magic of Google Cast.

The new feature, which began automatically rolling out to existing speakers last week, will be offered in all of B&O’s future network wireless speakers.

Google Cast is a typical feature on most wireless speakers these days, but it adds an ever more tantalising edge to the pair of speakers from the audio giant. The Beoplay A6 is an earthy-looking speaker featuring a touch-sensitive curved edge that adjusts volume when you lightly stroke it. It’s £799; a price that most audio fanatics are more than willing to pay for that sharp signature B&O sound.

Its more expensive brother, the A9, is best likened to a stylish satellite dish – a smooth audio orb perched on three wooden legs that delivers booming bass. It sits at a cool £1,699. Both the A6 and A9 can join in on some multi-room audio fun with other compatible B&O speakers.

The update follows Google’s announcement at CES in January that Cast will be hitting more speakers this year.