It’s Bake-Off season, which means more food puns than you can shake a baguette at, and dodgy experimental baking in kitchens up and down the country. These best baking gadgets will get your creations one step closer to Mary’s seal of approval whether you’re a seasoned pro, or one burned bap away from being a baking basket-case.

Perfect BakePerfect Bake

If your soggy-bottomed pastries wouldn’t stand a chance in front of Paul and Mary on the gingham altar, perhaps you ought to invest in a Perfect Bake.

This smart scale connects to an app on your smartphone or tablet to guide you through the baking process, from measuring your muffin mix to cooling your cakes.

Place one of the colour-coded bowls on the scales, start pouring ingredients, and a virtual bowl on the app will fill up too, alerting you when you’ve hit the right amount.

Choose from hundreds of recipes based on what’s in your pantry and let the app to re-scale recipes to suit your desired portion size.

Perfect Bake has three handy timers for mixing, baking, and cooling.

£59.99 Firebox



kitchenaid precise mixing bowl

 KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl

Add a new dimension to your basic professional-grade stand mixer with this versatile Precise Heat Mixing Bowl. With a temperature range that is precise to the nearest 1°, this bowl will handle anything from bread dough to a risotto, pronto. There’s even a chocolate tempering mode for dessert fiends. With a separate power supply it’ll also work without the mixer, and has a whopping 10 hour slow-cook function.

£279.99, KitchenAid



Drop ScaleDrop Scale

This smart kitchen scale connects to an app on your iPad to give you access to hundreds of interactive recipes and a tailored step-by-step measuring process.

Drop knows when you’ve poured the right amount of flour into the bowl, and takes you onto the next step. If you haven’t got enough flour, Drop will simply re-calculate your recipe.

It’ll also provide you with substitution suggestions if you’ve run out.

If you’re feeling proud of one of your creations, share it with the Drop community via the app. You can also access recipes from Good Housekeeping, Food52 and lots of well-known food bloggers.

Sporting a heat-resistant silicone covering, Drop is one tough cookie. It also has a touchscreen to control your iPad, so you don’t have to touch its screen with floury fingertips.

£79.99 Lakeland

 Stirio hands-free stirrerStirio

Make like Mary Poppins with his hands-free kitchen robot stirrer.

Stirio runs on a silent rechargeable motor, and clamps onto your pot to stir your food.

It runs for at least an hour, freeing you up to set the table, chop some veg, or put your feet up with a glass of wine.

Stirio fits pots from 15 to 25cm wide, and 7.5 to 18cm tall, has a glass-filled nylon blade that tolerates temperatures up to 260 degrees, and is gentle on non-stick surfaces.

It can whip up a frenzy with two different speed settings, tackling the lightest chicken broth to the thickest porridge.

To clean it, just take it apart and pop in the washing machine.

Buy the new and improved Stirio V2 from Amazon for £44.98. Its award winning predecessor is £14.99.

Orange Chef Kitchen CountertopOrangeChef Countertop

It may look like an average set of kitchen scales, but as well as doing the job of weighing your ingredients, Countertop tracks ingredients as you cook, sends step-by-step recipes to your iPhone, and monitors your nutritional intake.

Users of Vitamix blenders and Crock-Pot slow cookers can get hold of special adaptors to connect their devices to Countertop via NFC (radio communication, in our language) so it can suggest recipes based on what cooking device you’re using.

If you wear a Jawbone Up fitness band, the Countertop app will collect your workout stats and suggests the best post-exercise recipes, with full instructions to get baking the moment you kick off your trainers.

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