Bildy is a connected construction kit for kids that lets them design and build their own life-sized creations to play inside.


Bildy is the perfect toy for kids happier playing with the dog in a cardboard box fort than with the expensive doll’s house you bought them for Christmas. It’s like the ultimate cardboard box, a great tool for vivid imaginations.

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Bildy construction kits are made up of sturdy 3mm graphic boards and connectors that children as young as three can slot together to make their own unique creations. Whether it’s a fort, fire engine, house, or even an entire town, Bildy can make it.

Each board has its own brightly-printed design that’s gender-neutral. Boy and girl builders are more than welcome, and there are Bildy kits available for building houses, shops, and even a large fantasy castle with double the amount of boards.

It’s not just designed to let your kids’ imagination run wild, though. Bildy’s makers claim Bildy will help improve children’s fine motor skills, basic engineering skills, and even help them understand principles like cause and effect, gravity, and spacial relationships early in life.

For the tech-savvy tot, there’s also a Bildy app that lets them engineer their own virtual Bildy structures and go inside them before making the real thing. The app has a workshop mode for kids to experiment with, whatever weird and wacky builds they have in mind, and a town mode for designing their own miniature house, street or entire town

If you’re limited on space, or simply not comfortable with the idea of your kids monopolising the house with their own miniature empire, there are also smaller Bildy Tinkerkits. These can be constructed on a table.

Bildy has completely smashed its funding goal over on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order various constructions kits. Prices range from £15 for the Bildy Tinkerkit, to £185 for a Mega Boards Super kit, which has 75 building boards and 240 connectors.


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