Any contraption that makes inanimate objects fly is a winner in our books.

Want to free your GoPro from the gravitational shackles of this earth? Want to take amazing aerial photos without having to a) board a plane, b) climb a ladder, or c) position yourself vicariously up a tree? You’re in luck – Birdie will take your camera safely flying through the air while your feet are firmly on the ground.

Essentially, Birdie is a miniature parachute with a tiny cockpit for an action camera. To give your camera wings, just pop your GoPro safely inside Birdie, make sure it’s ready to shoot, loosen your shoulders – take a run-up, if you so wish – and lob Birdie into the air with all your might, It’s probably the only time in your life you’ll be allowed to throw a camera, which is reason alone to go out and grab Birdie, we reckon.

Birdie aerial photo

Birdie floats on water so you can even take stunning action shots above seas and lakes.

Once Birdie reaches full altitude its aerodynamic chops will kick in, causing Birdie to gently float down to the ground (or your hand, ideally) with the camera facing down. If you’ve got a waterproof action camera, you’ll be delighted to hear that Birdie will even float on water, so you can actually hurl your camera up high to catch a stunning seascape before paddling over to fetch it.

The lovely thing about Birdie (aside from its adorable name) is that it’s not yet another gadget to charge, plug in and take care of. There are no batteries, cables or fancy sensors tucked inside. It’s completely tech-free. You can still use it like a photo-enhancing piece of tech though by experimenting with different angles, heights and throwing power to get varying styles of high-up shots.

Birdie close-up

Birdie is perfectly designed to keep your GoPro in prime shooting position for aerial footage and snaps.

If you ready to take your action cam to dizzying new heights, you can head over to Indiegogo to bag yourself an early bird deal. Birdie’s eventual retail price will be $150 (£103), but current pre-order prices sit at just $35 (£24). Birdie has already crushed its funding goal, so you can probably expect its release date of August 2016 to remain.

Currently, Birdie is only compatible with the GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4, but its makers are working on expanding that to mobiles and other action cameras.