Birdly is a bird flight simulator that lets you strap on a pair of wings and freely roam the skies like a majestic eagle.

Swoop over rooftops and land with the grace of a bird of prey with this bird flight simulator complete with giant wings, a VR headset, and wind machine.

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We’ve all at some point dreamed about flying like a bird. But as soon as we wake up, it’s down to life on Earth with a whimper. With Birdly, finally anyone can experience the freedom of limitless flight without the disappointing wake up call.

Birdly is a padded motion chair platform fitted with responsive wings and a front-facing wind machine to mimic the weather up high. To step inside your giant bird body, simply lie face-down on the chair, strap your arms into the wings, pop on the VR headset, and flap away to control your flight.

In the VR headset, you’ll get a clear, high-res view of the visual landscape you’re flying through, which Birdly’s maker, Somniacs, claims is charged with interactive zones and “entertaining surprises”. We’re not sure whether that means you’ll see the old guy from Pixar’s Up flying past, or  find yourself fighting to the death in a pecking battle against an enemy bird.

Still, there are some cool views to take in. Somniac’s 3D world lets you fly over major cities like New York and San Fransisco, and even the sandy climes of the African desert.

As well as using precise sensory-motor coupling in the wings to correlate your arm movements with the flight direction, Birdly also lets you twist your wrists to change direction via your primary feathers, which you’ll see in the headset if you glance to the side.

Depending on how fast you’re going, Birdly’s wind machine will also direct air at your face to give the bonus sensation of a fresh, exhilarating breeze drifting through your feathers. Or hair.

And there you have it. If you don’t mind flailing around face-down like a mad man on what essentially looks like a scary backwards dentist chair, you’re now able to actually step into the bird body of your dreams.

We’re not sure how much it’s going to cost yet, or when it’s going to be available, but you can visit Somniacs to find out more.

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