Catch that tool thief red-handed and make your drills child-proof with this, auto-locking Black and Decker SMARTECH battery.

If you live in constant fear of the shady guy from number 7 breaking into your shed and stealing your circular saw, you’ll be pleased to hear that Black and Decker has come up with a cunning solution.

It’s called SMARTECH, and it’s a 20V Lithium Ion battery designed to swap-in with your existing Black and Decker power tool’s battery. Packed with sensors and tracking tech, the SMARTECH battery connects to an app to let you locate and remotely disable the tool from your phone wherever you are.

That’s not just going to be handy for sabotaging your light-fingered neighbour’s devious scheme, though. As well as being a handy theft-prevention device, SMARTECH is a perfect safety measure if you’ve got kids who are one curious adventure away from grabbing your drill and wreaking havoc around the house or hurting themselves.

The app is also useful on a practical level, alerting you when you battery is running low to make sure your tool doesn’t conk out in the middle of a job. It’s also equipped with a USB port so you can plug in your phone and juice it up from the shed.

Currently, the SMARTECH battery is only available in the US from a couple of retailers. It’s priced at $49.99 (£35).