Just because you're not a scientist in a lab, doesn't mean you don't want to see stuff really, really close up.

Updated: Blips nailed it on Kickstarter, and are shipping to backers soon. If you missed them them on Kickstarter, you can still pre-order them from Indiegogo. Happy Blipping!

Sometimes we forget that our phones are actually incredibly powerful tools for doing stuff other than texting, tweeting and taking selfies. And these tiny Blips are possibly the coolest gadgets we’ve ever met that bring out your phone’s many hidden talents.

Mini adhesive lenses that discreetly stick onto your phone’s camera lens, Blips have the ability to instantly transform your phone into a high-definition digital microscope for seeing the world in extreme miniature.

Just how extreme depends on which Blip you stick on, and there are two kinds to choose from. A Macro Blip magnifies objects by 10X, letting you see detailed close-ups of insect parts, dew drops, and even the detailed contours of a human iris. Look at this crazy eyeball shot taken using the Macro Blip…

Blips Macro IrisA Micro Blip is where things get seriously incy-wincy, allowing you to see details smaller than four microns. To put that into perspective, a human hair is around 100 microns in diameter. Check out these wee shots through the Micro Blips. Left to right: Close up of an insect’s wing, surprisingly adorable beetle, knife blade:

Blips Macro IrisThe great news for everyone is that Blips come with an equally microscopic price tag. You can find them over on Kickstarter, when they have beat their funding goal by nearly tenfold. Various Blips kits are available depending on just how tiny you want to see the world.

A basic kit with both a Micro and Macro lens is currently sitting at just €20 (£15), while a Lab Kit will set you back just €40 (£31), getting you a light source, smartphone stand, and some microscopic lenses containing tiny morbid articles like fly legs along with your two Blips.

Blips are fixed for a release date of September this year thanks to their outrageous Kickstarter success. Cue promo vid: