A helping hand from smart kitchen scale creator Drop will see Bosch Series 8 ovens get a new layer of smart.

A smart kitchen is the ultimate dream if you find slogging away over the stove stressful, and Bosch has made the very idea even more tantalising with a tech upgrade to its line of connected ovens.

The German appliance company has partnered with kitchen smart scale creator Drop to step up its game, integrating Drop’s kitchen operating system into its own range of devices that already have the Bosch Home Connect functionality – namely the Series 8 connected oven.

Drop kitchen app iPadDrop’s operating system combines an interactive cookbook app with tech that allows budding smart chefs to control their kitchen gadgets with their phones. In conjunction with all existing and new Bosch series 8 ovens, it will add the ability to monitor time, temperature, humidity and other settings from the Drop recipes app.

Not only that, it will also take into account what recipe you’re cooking, adjusting its settings and alerts accordingly for different dishes. This should make cooking step-by-step with the Drop app much easier and more intuitive.

The upgrade is hitting new Bosch series 8 ovens today, and rolling out to existing Series 8 ovens in October. You can explore Bosch’s range of Series 8 connected ovens here. Don’t have Drop’s connected kitchen scale yet? You can grab it for £59.99 here.