Nobody is ever too old to play with Lego. Or, y'know...decorate their house with it.

Brik Tiles are a classic example of toys that are definitely going to get more action once the kids have gone to bed and the parents decide to unlock their inner 6-year-olds.

Simple yet genius, Brik Tiles are 10″ by 10″ adhesive wall tiles that fix to any smooth surface in your house to a giant canvas for Lego pixel art. Stick ’em on the kids’ bedroom wall, on the fridge, wardrobe, cupboard doors or anywhere in the house that’s crying out for some playful fun, and let your creative side go wild.

There’s even a special Brik Build website where you can design your Lego art first, then download a PDF template to help you replicate it on your Brik Tiles. You can drag and drop any image onto the Brik Build grid to trace around it and get the perfect pixel design, which should be a handy tool for both small and large Brik Tile projects.

Brik TilesThe adhesive on the back of each Brik Tile is reusable, so you can transfer your art to another place in the house if you fancy. That also makes it easy to line up multiple Brik Tiles next to each other for one big giant canvas.

You don’t have to go big, though. You can grab Brik Clips along with your Brik Tiles that act as hooks and hangers for things like keys and your child’s paintings. You can even create mini shelves using thicker Lego bricks for bits and bobs like art supplies and small toys.

Brik Tiles are bringing in funding on Kickstarter, where you can grab an early-bird bundle for just $15 (around £11.50). That includes 2 Brik Tiles, 2 Brik Clips and 300 assorted Briks. These are the makers’ own building bricks, but Lego bricks, obviously, are compatible too. A release date is set for October this year, and worldwide shipping is available.