Is a robot vacuum actually useful? Will a smart plug make you happy? Can motion sensors tame your teenage sons? Three British families bear all...

If you’re confused about all the hype around smart home tech, British Gas has just the thing for you. It’s called Smart Street, and it’s a Big Brother-style series that documents three British families trying to get to grips with hungry robot vacuum cleaners, thinking washing machines and sneaky motion sensors.

Armed with smartphones and smart tech, the three families will upload video diary-style content to the online Smart Street hub weekly until October, documenting the highs, lows and downright weirds of owning smart home gadgets and sensors.

The Smart Street stars include Gill and Vic, joined by their teenage kids and dog (commonly seen wearing a lion mane); Sean and Amy, a young couple in their first home; and Adrian and Gabrielle, parents of three young children, four chickens and three cats.

British Gas has launched the Smart Street campaign to showcase the benefits of the connected home and smart living, with the hope of demonstrating if smart tech can ‘make life smarter, easier and more fun’.

It has teamed up with OgilvyOne to produce the project, and there’s already some great content on the Smart Street hub to dip into, introducing the three families and the gadgets they’ll be taking for a spin. Highlights include Sean and Amy getting to grips with a furiously ravenous robot vacuum cleaner (“Lesson one: remove everything from the floor before we use it.”), and Gill and Vic busting their teenage son’s 2.30AM arrival home.

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For British Gas, the Smart Street project isn’t just valuable in helping the British public understand what it’s really like to live in a smart home. Margaret Jobling, Marketing Director, British Gas, said, “We see this campaign as a truly unique social experiment, showcasing what matters most to people when it comes to smart technology in the home.”

Charlie Wilson, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer at OgilvyOne, said, “Obviously these are genuine families – and with that you get all the natural drama of family life – as well as some of the pain – but that is what will keep it as entertaining as it is informative.”

We’ll leave you with a glimpse of what happens when cats meet robots…