This could be the first and only time in your life that you're impressed by a kitchen bin.

Lightbulbs, TVs, doors…The Internet of Things has managed to worm its way into all kinds of inanimate household objects, and on today’s menu is the kitchen bin. Meet Bruno…

Hiding WiFi and smart sensors galore underneath its lid, Bruno isn’t just on a mission to send your old bin to bin heaven and put the endless joys of connected waste disposal at your fingertips. Oh no. This connected garbage giant wants to do away with your dustpan and brush too.

Check out this crafty move…

Bruno smart bin vacuumThat’s right. This bin sucks. In a good way. As soon as its motion sensors detect your brush near it, a powerful vortex vacuum built into its base will guzzle up all of the dog hair, muck, grains of rice and other kitchen detritus lying about your floor straight into the bin bag within.

Beats scrabbling around with a dustpan and brush like Cinderella.

Bruno also connects to an app on your phone, where there’s a whole world of rubbish notifications waiting for you. Literally. When it’s time to put your bin out, Bruno will remind you. Running low on bin bags? Bruno will give you a nudge.

Bruno smart bin appWhat’s more, Bruno allows you to store your bin bags in the most logical place in the house – your actual bin. Pull up a secondary flap on the lid, and you’ll see a special air filter and a handy little compartment to tuck away your bags.

And because practically nothing is smart these days unless you can make it work by waving it at, Bruno also has a motion sensor lid for hands-free opening and closing.

The thing about Bruno is that you’re going to have to really, really hate sweeping or be super-rich to actually lay your cash down. It’s on the market for $179 (around £138), which bumps up to $258 (around £200) if you add shipping costs to the UK. You can pre-order it here.