Bye bye, cable spaghetti.


Cable management is a bore. But sadly, it’s a responsibility that has been bequeathed unto us since gadgets galore started ruling our lives. If you’re on the verge of throwing your tangled cables in the bin to get rid of the sorry mess once and for all, you might want to throw them in this one.

From the makers of the ear bud detangling gadget Cableyoyo, CableBin is hiding a series of strategically placed adhesive hooks inside a sleek luxury exterior to stow away power cables for your phone, laptop, TV, router and more.

CableBin BlueLounge

Once you’ve shut the lid on your cables, you can access them via the cable outlet on the side of the bin, or simply through a small outlet in the lid. If you’re dealing with a shorter cable like a phone charger, the lid is designed to be a safe and convenient place to pop your gadget while it’s charging.

If you’re worried about stashing all your cables within close proximity to each other, fret not. The bin is made from flame-retardant plastic for safety.

CableBin is available in both dark or light wood to blend seamlessly into your home décor. The price for a cable-free life? It’s $89.95 (around £70). Buy it here if you’re ready to bin those pesky cables in favour of peaceful minimalism.