Cast is a smart home entertainment hub that acts as a virtual sofa where you and you friends can watch your favourite shows together when you're apart.

Cast is a video box that lets you stream from just about any device, and share what you’re watching with a bunch of friends.

It’s all well and good that #NetflixAndChill is the latest Friday night fad, but nobody stops to consider us lonely folk who have to make do with spooning the dog for a full five episodes of Battlestar Galactica, before ending the night sobbing helplessly into its soft, warm fur, and…

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You get the picture. Not everybody has friends close-by to join them at the drop of a hat for some downtime in front of the box. And that sucks. But with Cast, it’s entirely possible.

Cast is a box that plugs into your TV to seamlessly connects all of your devices like laptops, tablets, and phones. Put simply, it lets you stream entertainment in HD from your favourite apps to multiple devices from wherever you are.

The best bit? Everything you watch, you can share. Live-stream the football, your favourite Netflix series, or play a game on Twitch, and invite your friends with connected devices to watch or play along with you.

Cast will also capture video of your friends in real-time and stream it to a thumbnail in the corner of your screen so you can see their live reaction, as if they were in the room with you.

There’s even a chat function so you can comment or share pictures and videos while you watch, if you wish, and your phone will double as your remote control, so you don’t even have to tear yourself away from the action to root around for the control.

The Cast hub itself sounds like a speed demon, with super-fast Wi-Fi promising ‘laptop-like’ performance. You can invite up to six friends to watch along with you, which is more than any of those smug hashtaggers can fit their on their real sofas, so who’s sobbing now?

You can pre-order the Cast home entertainment hub for an early bird price of $99 (around £65).


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