Juice up your phone and free your workspace of pesky cables with the new Dell 23 Wireless Monitor.

Got enough on your to-list without having to fumble about under your desk on your hands and knees like Cinderella to put your phone on charge? Maybe it’s time to invest in Dell’s new computer monitor that wirelessly charges your phone while you work.

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Announced at CES 2016, the Dell 23 Wireless monitor is a gloriously high-res HD screen with a wireless charging pad built into its base. When you pop your phone on it for safekeeping, the base will automatically juice it up to keep that dreaded low battery warning at bay. It supports both wireless charging standards (Qi and PMA) to keep everyone happy.

That’s not it’s only cool trick, though. The Dell 23 Wireless Monitor also has the capacity to cast another screen from both Windows and Android devices via Miracast and Bluetooth. For anyone not yet savvy in the newfangled concept of screen-casting, that basically means you can project your phone’s screen into the corner of your computer monitor, and interact with it as normal from your computer. It’s pretty nifty.

Snazzy extras aside, the monitor comes with dual three-watt speakers and a nice wide 178-degree viewing angle. As it’s name subtly suggests, the Dell 23 Wireless monitor itself is also completely wireless, giving you that extra bit of workspace freedom.

You’ll be able to pick up the Dell 23 Wireless Monitor from 31st March. It’s expected to retail for $429 (around £304).

Via The Verge.

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