This is a mobile game changer.

Still hellbent on filling up that Pokédex at all costs? Hmm – if one of those costs is your rapidly depleting phone battery, possibly not. With this Chargemander phone case, though, you could be back in business.

Currently causing a serious storm over on Kickstarter, Chargemander is a battery case for mobile gamers that claims to add a whopping 300% to your phone’s puny battery life.

The battery case itself charges to full whack in just 15 minutes at lightning speed, but can give an iPhone a gargantuan 33 hours of play time on the go. No more power cuts when you stumble upon a rare Pokémon – this little fella will keep the Pokéballs rolling.

chargemander-battery-case-copyYou can see your battery status at any time by pressing the blue button on the case, which will activate an LED light. Green means you’re full, yellow means you’re running out, and red means you’re in the danger zone.

As well a making sure you’re always powered up, Chargemander offers some decent protection. It’s a chunky monkey with a sturdy outer shell that should keep your phone safe from knocks and bumps. It has a front cover to protect your screen which tucks out of sight round the back of your phone when you need to focus.


Don’t worry – all of your phone’s various buttons and microphones are still completely accessible while it’s nestled inside Chargemander. What’s more – the case even folds to let you prop up your phone on your desk so you can watch stuff and browse hands-free.

If you’re hungry for more battery life for your mobile gaming adventures, you can pre-order Chargemander from Kickstarter now for shipping in October this year. Its  lowest early bird price at the moment is $79 (around £60).