No more sinister selfies or double chin disasters in low light with this hand snap-on gizmo.

Sick of the lighting conditions for your selfies and live-streaming sessions not doing your beautiful face enough justice? Grab Chatlight to light up your lovely mug in all its glory.

Chatlight is pretty much the gadget equivalent of a snap-on reading light for books and e-books. An LED light strip with an expandable clip, you can easily attach it to any smartphone, tablet, laptop and most desktop computers to shine a flattering light on your face while you chat or snap selfies.

Chatlight LED light

You can flip a switch to adjust the lighting level to your liking, and swivel the LED light up and down to get the perfect lighting angle to emphasise your best features, or disguise that double chin.

Chatlight LED lighIts LED bulb can last for over 50,000 hours of well-lit face time, and the rechargeable battery will power it for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. Just plug it into a wall outlet or USB port like your phone to juice it up to full power in only 15 minutes.

Serial selfie-snappers, vloggers and FaceTime fiends can pick up Chatlight for just $30 (around £25) here.