He's not much fun to cuddle, but he can do yoga...

If your kids are begging you for a pet dog, but the thought of fur all over the house, chewed-up shoes and sloppy wet kisses on your face from a hyperactive furball at 7AM gives you palpitations, you should seriously consider Chip.

While Chip is a plastic, furless, Bluetooth-enabled combination of wires and sensors that zips about on omni-directional wheels, his curriculum vitae reads like that of the perfect dog – that won’t eat your furniture. He will sit, stay, lay down, fetch a ball, wait for you at the front door when you come home from work, go to bed when you tell him, and yes – he will even do yoga. God knows every robot dog needs to be supple and limber.

Just like a living, breathing Fido, Chip acts on your voice commands. Tell him to sit, and he’ll oblige. Tell him to lay down, and he will. Tell him to do yoga, and he’ll pull off a handstand (of course). His advanced touch sensors and built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes, mean he will “feel” when he’s picked up by you, while his infrared vision and BeaconSense tech enables him to see where objects are in relation to him. Unlike the average Youtube pooch, he’s probably smart enough to not run into a glass door.

Chip connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can order him around by tapping and swiping at your screen if you life. He also comes with a wearable smart band that you can wear like a fitness tracker to control him using gestures. He even comes with a smart ball so the kids can play fetch with him, and a smart bed that doubles as his charging pad. He just climbs in of his own accord when he’s running low on juice.

You don’t have to feed him, you don’t have to clean up his poop, and you don’t have to constantly keep an eye out for him humping next door’s prize-winning Pomeranian… Is there anything not to love? Aside from the fact that cuddling him will basically feel like embracing a toaster, probably not. If you’re seriously considering a pet for the kids but the responsibility is too much at the moment, he’s probably going to be a pretty good distraction.

You can pre-order chip from Amazon from 1st of June for £199.99. The release date is set for 30th August.

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