A step too far or a work of genius? ChefCharger Circle is a drinks coaster that also works as a phone charger.

Proof that tech really is being crammed into everything these days, Circle is a drinks coaster that also charges your phone.

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You may be thinking, but batteries and liquid don’t mix, do they? That’s true, but Circle is also waterproof so unless you spill a pint of coffee all over your mid-charge phone, you should be fine.

Circle is made of bamboo, so retains the coaster-y look and feel. The charge cable lives around the side of the bamboo disc, keeping out of sight when not needed and letting you keep your drink a little way away from your probably-not-waterproof phone.

Our favourite bit, though, is the Circle charging dock. Normal coaster racks can seem spectacularly pointless, but Circle’s one — maybe you’ve guessed it already —  charges the batteries of three coasters in just two hours.

We’re not dealing with tiny batteries that won’t juice-up an iPhone 6, either. Each coaster packs-in a 3000mAh unit, enough to fully recharge most phones.

Circle coasters come with either a microUSB charger that works with almost all Android and Windows phones, or a Lightning connector designed for iPhones. The idea is you’ll buy a set of three coasters with a charging base, and you can pretty much mix and match the types if you’re in a mixed smartphone household.

The standard Circle designs feature engravings in the surface bamboo, but there are also some funky-looking art print models planned too. You can check them out over on Kickstarter.

Apparently these gadgety coasters have already been used in bars, but the crowd funding platform is being used to let normal folks like us try one out.


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