Get alerts when your food needs you.

Ever let your eggs boil for way too long because you’ve been distracted by other more fun stuff? Forgotten to check on your pasta and returned to bubbling flood on your kitchen worktop? Of course you have; nobody is perfect. But if this Cluck smart kitchen timer has anything to do with it, you’ll be damn close.

Currently vying for funding over on Indiegogo, Cluck is a sensor-packed egg-shaped timer that helps your pan cry out for help when it needs you. Simply tap the little egg on the counter to wake it, drop it in the pan, crank up the heat, tell the iPhone app what you’re cooking and hit “Start”.

Cluck smart kitchen timer

Cluck is safe to pop in a boiling hot pan

When your food needs your attention, Cluck will send a notification to your phone to summon you back to the stove. It uses its onboard temperature sensor to know what stage your food is at. With Cluck, you’ll know exactly when that water’s about to reach boiling point, and when your pan of pasta is ready to whip out and serve.

Cluck will even tell you when it reckons your food’s going to be done early on in the cooking process, meaning you really can swan off and do more fun stuff safe in the knowledge that you’re not about to ruin your dinner.

Just choose what you're cooking using the Cluck app

Just choose what you’re cooking using the Cluck app

If you’re freaked out at the idea of throwing a gadget in your pan, don’t be; Cluck is completely food safe, and its hardy silicone exterior keeps all that tech nice and safe.

It’s early days for Cluck’s Indiegogo campaign, and there are still a few features that its maker, OrbSense, is working hard to roll out, including an Android app, more food type options in the app, and voice control connectivity with Amazon Alexa.

Cluck could soon chat to Amazon Alexa

Cluck could soon chat to Amazon Alexa

If you want to bag Cluck before its cheapest early bird bundles get snapped up, you can pre-order it now for $35 (around £20). The only tiny bit of bad news is that it looks like it’s US shipping only at the moment, but we’re keeping out eye out for Cluck’s global takeover.