Put a protective shield around your entire house with this Cocoon security camera that senses motion and hears everything...

Home security has come a long way since since the inception of smart tech and the IoT. These days, everything is connected to your phone, bursting with smart sensors and brimming with wireless magic. And if you’re looking for a security camera that truly captures the zeitgeist of smart tech, you need look no further than Cocoon.

Following a hugely successful stint on Indiegogo, Cocoon is now up for grabs for anyone looking for a smart yet simple to use, reasonably-priced yet feature-packed home security solution. With an HD camera, night vision, motion detectors, Subdsound tech and WiFi, Cocoon keeps a watchful eye on your home 24/7 and sends a notification to your smartphone if anything seems amiss.

When you get a notification from Cocoon – wherever you are – you can choose to watch a live stream of the camera’s footage to see what’s happening at home. Next, you can either sound Cocoon’s loud siren, call the police, or even ping a message to your neighbour to ask them to pop in and check on the house.


Cocoon is neat and discreet enough to blend into whichever room you decide to put it.

Cocoon doesn’t just watch, though. It also listens, pricking up its ears for out-of-the-ordinary sounds that might indicate trouble’s afoot. Again, you’ll get a notification if there’s a strange sound that needs checking up on, and you can choose to hear the audio while you watch Cocoon’s camera footage. What’s more, that Subsound tech allows Cocoon hear and detect activity way beyond the room you put it in. It can hear through walls into other rooms and even detect a disturbance on another floor of the house.

To make sure it’s alway in sync with your lifestyle, Cocoon also actively learns from your daily schedule and the comings and goings in the house. It knows who should and shouldn’t be at home (including the dog), and will even auto-arm when you leave the house, then disarm once you’re home again. When it senses you’ve gone to bed, Cocoon will spring to life again to activate full protection while the house is asleep. It even has temperature sensors so you can keep an eye on how warm your bedroom is, which is handy.

You can buy Cocoon for £299 here.