Lightify from Osram promises to transform your home’s lighting with more bulbs, smarter features and lower prices.

Lightify is Osram’s answer to the market leading Philips Hue smart lighting system. Their

new app controlled range of connected bulbs and light fittings give you complete creative

freedom, and with 16million colours to choose from there’s no end to the lighting designs

and atmospheres you can create.


Control for each bulb comes via the Lightify Gateway hub, which simply plugs into any wall

socket and connects wirelessly to your broadband rather than plugging directly into, and

cluttering up, your router.


The Lightify app (iOS and Android) is bright and simple to navigate; creating moods,

adjusting brightness and colour, and grouping bulbs together couldn’t be easier.

As well as simple colour changing and brightness the Lighify app also allows you to set light

alarms. If you hate to be woken up with a start each morning how about a gradual sunrise

wake-up call? The app can also be used to set lights to come on at specific times of day,

which is great for home security.


Lightify bulbs are available from Tesco stores and currently consist of a colour changing A60

RGBW (£39.99), which is £10 cheaper than Philips Hue and white dimmable A60 TW (£29.99)

plus GU10 halogen replacements (£29.99).


But watch this space, as Osram will be launching wider range of lights including garden

spots, surface lights, strip lighting and spotlights later in the year. If that’s not enough smart home excitement for one day, check out these smartphone-controlled door locks