Goldfinger is a super smart glove that lets you control practically anything in your life with simple hand gestures.

Do you ever yearn for a futuristic world where all it takes to switch on the TV or boil the kettle is a simple wave of your hand? Well, the future is here, people. Meet the Goldfinger smart glove.

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Goldfinger may look like a bog-standard ski glove, but don’t be fooled. Woven into its fabric is a series of tiny yet powerful sensors, switches, and wiring to equip you with a bona fide robot hand, capable of controlling the world around you with every minuscule finger movement.

We probably don’t need to point out that Goldfinger is named after a Bond villain. But its makers, a team of Scientists from Politecnico di Torino in Italy and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, say it’s closer to Tom Cruise’s computer operating sci-fi glove in Minority Report than Goldfinger’s eponymous villain.

Anyone here for a glove that will literally give you the Midas touch should probably leave now.

Actually, we reckon what this nifty glove does is way cooler. Goldfinger’s secret is a series of piezoelectric transducers teamed with an optical port and conductive wires. That’s all just as clever as it sounds. It enables Goldfinger to translate your hand movements into real life controls, making stuff happen with a flick of the wrist, a wiggle of the finger, or a hearty hand wave.

It works wirelessly, so you don’t need to be wired up to any fancy gadgets or gizmos to make it work, and in an even bigger triumph, it doesn’t even need a battery – instead using the biomechanical energy of your body to power it. In normal people speak, that means it uses your finger movements to generate electric power. Now that is some sci-fi magic right there.

It’s still a prototype at the moment, but the dream is that Goldfinger could eventually be used to control factory machinery, immersive VR worlds, or even as an ergonomic controller for robotic surgery. We’re hoping we’ll be switching on Netflix, closing the curtains, and dimming the lights with one very soon.

You can read more about Goldfinger here. Or if you’re really itching for futuristic gesture control, check out this Bird wearable that turns your finger into a magic wand…

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