Savant's smart home remote is a simple device that lets you control an entire host of smart home gadgets as easily as switching on your TV.

The Savant Remote, which hits the shops in December, can control your TV, music, lighting, smart thermostat, and more, for easy home automation without having to visit an app on your phone.

With a touchscreen to easily switch between cable TV, Sonos, Apple TV, and Blue-ray, The Savant smart home remote gives you one-touch access to all of your favourite shows, and remembers your favourite channels to prioritise next time you switch on.

You can also queue up your favourite tracks on a playlist and have your Savant Remote stream your music to your connected speakers, then pause, crank up the volume, and change tracks all from the remote.

As well as using the touchscreen and buttons to operate your Savant Remote, you can also use voice commands. A simple ‘goodnight’ will command all of your devices to turn off for the night, or ‘Apple TV’ and ‘Xbox’, for example, will switch your TV or games console on and off.

By adding Savant’s Lamp Control device into the mix, which plugs into your lamp to make it ‘smart’, you can also turn your lights on and off, and dim them, from your remote with voice commands too.

You can also save customised lighting and entertainment ‘Scenes’ with your preferred settings to recall whenever the mood dictates, like a “Breakfast” scene that will set your smart kettle boiling and switch on the kitchen lights.

For a home automation experience for all of the family, Savant Remote enables individual profiles so that each member can save their favourite Scenes separately. This means, for example, you can recall your ‘Movie Night’ scene when the kids have gone to bed and have the blinds shut and the lights dim, and the they can choose their ‘Morning’ scene the next day to make the blinds open and their favourite cartoon channels come on.

Like most other home automation solutions, the Savant Remote works in conjunction with a smart home hub, which Savant is calling its Host. Both the Savant Remote and the Host can be reserved in time for the December release, as well as other gadgets like the Lamp Control, from

The Savant Remote and Host together will cost $499 (around £328), and the Lamp Control $99 (around £65).


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