Bonjour is an alarm clock that wants to be more lifestyle facilitator and less sonic bully


Once, there was just one way to wake up. An alarm clock would beep, we’d hit snooze, and in that predictable manner the day would begin.

The Internet of Things is grimly determined to find a better way, however, with varying degrees of intimidation and incentivisation. The latest contender is Bonjour, which promises to “learn what most matters to you and wake you at the ideal time for your activity” in order to “ease your morning routine”.

Bonjour is voice controlled and gathers a bunch of information like traffic, weather and news in order to help us wake up at the optimal time. For example users could tell Bonjour to wake them at 6am for a run if it’s sunny, but let them lie in till 7 if it’s raining.

Or they could tell it to report on the traffic conditions, enabling them to avoid any delays. In another similarity to the Amazon Echo, Bonjour has ambitions to act as a voice control unit for our smart devices – Hue lights, Nest thermostat and so on – and act as a speaker for our music playlists.

We are more of the school that believes alarm clocks make better nightclub bouncers than lifestyle facilitators, and we’re not sure we’d want our alarm clock to guess when we should be woken. But the Echo needs a putative competitor – so if this sounds like your thing, pre-order here – no pricing or availability info yet on its site, although we’ve heard it’s aiming for a Christmas release priced between $150-$200. Treat that with caution for the moment though.