Not ready to part with your trusty old home gadgets? This smart outlet will beef them up with a smart brain to let you join the connected home fun.


While the idea of a fully-fledged smart home is our idea of heaven, not everyone is ready to make the financial leap to a gang of brand new shiny smart gadgets. But ConnectSense wants to give us all a taste of the action with this clever little smart outlet.

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The ConnectSense smart outlet is basically a ready-made plug-in smart home. It’s a double power outlet with built-in WiFi that will turn any gadget you plug in into an Apple Homekit-compatible smart device.

Apple Homekit lets you co-ordinate a host of smart gadgets and create smart home ‘scenes’ using just your phone. It also throws in Siri control, meaning you can tell your ConnectSense smart devices to switch on and off with simple voice commands.

There’s also some fun to be had with ConnectSense’s own app, which gives you remote access to the power usage of any devices plugged into the outlet. You can control and monitor both of the ports on the outlet separately, which gives you complete freedom with whatever two devices you decide to plug in.

The ConnectSense smart outlet doubles as a super-fast charging outlet for juicing up your phone, with a USB port so that your phone charging session doesn’t interfere with the other plugged in devices.

As the name suggests, Apple Homekit is only compatible with iOS devices. The ConnectSense smart outlet follows suit, compatible only with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you want remote access when you’re away from home, you can also control the outlet through Apple TV.

You can buy the ConnectSense smart outlet for $79.95 (£57) from Amazon.