Transform your humble home into an IoT empire with the Kasia smart home system.

There are tons of gadgets, hubs, and brands that you can combine to give your home a smart makeover, but it’s not always easy to work out which gadgets are compatible with others. Thanks to an LA company called Kasia, however, there’s now one single, affordable solution to give you the connected castle you’ve been dreaming of.

Comfortably past its funding goal over on Kickstarter, Kasia is a smart home system made up of a handful of individual devices that hook up, plug in, and turn on to make your home smart. With a single app on your phone, you can switch your devices on and off, monitor energy consumption, and orchestrate smart home scenes and routines wherever you are. Wake up to a hot pot of coffee, get a message when your laundry is done, and arrive home from work to the lights on – it’s all within easy reach thanks to Kasia.

Kasia’s system is simple and easy to install, and the app gives you a full walkthrough of how to use each device. Packages on Kickstarter start at $49 (£34), but shipping is limited to select countries for now. Let’s check out some of the gadgets…

Kasia Plugs

Kasia plugThese little plugs can make practically anything smart. Plug them into your wall outlet followed by your kettle, iron, lamp, fan, washing machine, music player, or whatever “dumb” gadgets you like to give them clever connected brains. Then, just having some fun playing around in the app to make your devices work in harmony with your lifestyle. If you like, go ahead and have your kettle boil before you wake up in the morning, or your reading lamp switch on at bed time.

Kasia Switch

Kasia switchThis little switch replaces your regular light switch to instantly transform your light fittings into smart lightbulb, just like Philips Hue. With the Kasia switch, you can now dim your lights and have remote control from the app on your phone. The switch also has a soft LED indicator so you won’t have to fumble around for it in the dark.

Kasia Presence

Kasia Motion SensorWouldn’t it be lovely if you never had to faff around switching the landing light on again? Kasia’s Presence sensors make that possible. Pop them anywhere to get notifications when someone enters or leaves a room, and have lights and other Kasia gadgets turn on and off when the sensors detect your presence.

Kasia Open

Kasia OpenLike Kasia Presence, Open can detect motion and alert you when someone walks through a door. However, Open has the added ability to let you know if you’ve left something open. Pop it on your garage door, the fridge, the shed door, or the kitchen cupboards, and get an instant alert to your phone if something is open that shouldn’t be. You can trigger it to activate other devices too, like turning your lights off when the front door closes.

Kasia Hub

Kasia HubThe Kasia Hub is the beating heart of your new smart home, creating a virtual link between your smartphone and up to 149 Kasia devices. It’s what allows you to make your various Kasia devices work together, like your lamp turning on when you step through the front door, or your lights dimming when you leave the room.