Still trying to get to grips with how all your smart devices can work together? You can end the confusion by just plugging in Klug...

Smart devices are popping up all over our homes. They’re in the kitchen, on our front doors, in the shower, and even in our beds (oo-er). But how do we actually make them talk to each other? That is the pertinent question (…that 10 years ago, we never dreamed we’d have to ask).

Thanks to Klug, the answer is: with very little effort. Slowly but surely rolling in funding over on Indiegogo, Klug is a USB device that plugs into your WiFi router to turn it into a bona fide smart home hub.

What does that mean? Basically, it means that Klug is now the king of your smart home, tethering all of your smart gadgets together to make them act on your every wish and whim. With Klug’s companion app on your phone, you can indulge in the ultimate home automation wizardry with just a few taps and swipes, creating smart home tricks and schedules that make your daily life run more smoothly.

Can’t start the day without a coffee? Not a problem. Just ask Klug to fire up the coffee machine when your fitness tracker detects that you’re awake. Enjoy being welcomed home by the warm glow of the landing light when you get back late at night? Give Klug the heads-up, and it will make it happen.

Amazon Echo

Klug works with Amazon Echo: “Alexa, tell Klug I’m going to sleep.”

Like all good smart home hubs, Klug will learn from how you interact with your devices and tailor its habits to suit the ebb and flow of your lifestyle. It might, for example, automatically turn off the heating at around the same time your usually leave for work, or even turn off the TV when you leave a room. On an advanced level, it could even do helpful tricks like turn on the smart air-con if your fitness tracker senses you’re in a deep sleep.

To make sure none of your gadgets are left out, Klug has been designed to play nice with all the top smart home players. Philips Hue, the Netatmo Weather Station, Apple Watch and Amazon Echo are just a few of its high-profile friends. It will also respond to commands from Siri and OK Google, as well as Amazon Echo’s virtual voice-controlled assistant, Alexa.

You can jump in line for an early bird special offer on Klug’s Indiegogo page, with prices starting at $119 (around £82). You’ll also get one of Klug’s smart plugs thrown in for good measure, which turn any of your existing “dumb” gadgets smart – fancy that.