We’ve all heard about using drones for photography, news reporting and military operations but with Rook you could use a drone to monitor your own home.

Ever had the sinking feeling that you might have left the taps running? Or panicked because you can’t remember if you remembered to switch off your straighteners? Well, with Rook you can fight those feelings by simply using your phone to fly the drone around your home and make sure everything is okay.

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It might just be the most fun way to make sure everything is running smoothly as the drone whizzes around your home powered by your phone reminiscent of remote-controlled helicopter toys. You can control your Rook from anywhere in the world and watch the live recordings and review footage from your phone. It connects using your home Wi-Fi so you can connect from your office, gym or while you’re travelling.

You can use your ‘eye in the sky’ to check in on your family, see what your pets are up to while you’re away or keep a closer eye on your home security. Rook is also a great way to check whether a parcel has been delivered or whether you’ve actually lost something or just left it by the door. Whatever you need it for, Rook can be your extra pair of eyes that could prove to be a lifesaver or just give you some peace of mind.

To set it up simply download the free app, connect it to your Wi-Fi and then use the app to fly and direct your Rook while viewing everything the cameras are picking up on. The in-built balancing and early stabilisation technology makes it easier to fly and produces higher quality footage. When you’re done, fly the Rook back to the base station where it will automatically charge wirelessly so it’s ready to go on its next flying mission.

The world’s first home drone could be flying around your house for just $99 (£70) but it is still in the development process over on Indiegogo. The project has already raised more than double its original funding goal but there are still some earlybird offers up for grabs. Rook is expected to be shipped worldwide in December 2016.