If you’re looking to step up your home security but aren’t a fan of intrusive cameras, sensors are the way to go, and this clever kit from Samsung has got you covered.

The SmartThings Home Monitoring from Samsung is as clever as it sounds because with just one user-friendly kit you can monitor, secure and control your home from anywhere in the world.

You can also use it to control any cameras, locks, alarms and sirens, motion sensors, light switches and smart thermometers– not bad for just one kit!

The kit comes complete with a Smart Things hub, two multi-purpose sensors, a motion sensor and an outlet. It might sound like a lot of confusing tech but it all comes in one small box and doesn’t take too much time or patience to set up.

Firstly, download the app, which works with Windows, iOS and Android, create an account, select your region and then connect the different appliances The hub also comes with batteries in case of an internet or power outage so you’re always in control. Then simply connect each device to the hub and you’ve instantly got a more connected and secure home.

Once each device is connected to the hub, you can place them anywhere around your home without losing a connection. You can also label them on your phone so you can easily keep track of them, for example by naming each device after the location they are in and then add an image of the device to ensure you’ll never lose them.

When you leave the house you can select the ‘Arm Away’ function, which will automatically give you an alert when there’s any unexpected motion or entry to your home. Or, when you’re asleep, select ‘Arm Stay’, which puts your home on a partial, alert and only alerts you when the multi-purpose sensor picks up on an unexpected entry. You can set as many modes as you like according to the time of day or your schedule to easily get into a home security routine without having to think about it.

They’re currently retailing for $249 (£176), but they are currently only being shipped in Canada and the US. You can sign up to an email alert on their website which will notify you when they become available for shipping in the UK.